Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missed the memo...

So I decided to end my 6mos of silence. I must admit, there are probably a few good reasons why I haven't been writing, but in all honesty, the real reason is....LIFE HAPPENS! So please pardon the interruption and let's get back to the monotony which is my day to day....

Okay so maybe monotony was the wrong word to use...Between work, church and my amazing boyfriend, I am left with usually about an hour or two out of each day to get things done. But don't worry, I still have thoughts, and I continue to eat potatoes and ice cream on an almost daily basis.

So what has been on my mind lately? UTAH DRIVERS!!! That's what! It boggles my mind to think that somehow so many terrible, wreckless, self-consumed, oblivious drivers have somehow all gathered into such a concentrated area. Not a single day goes by that this thought does not cross my mind:

"um.....are you serious?!"

Usually that thought is aimed at the person driving in front of, next to, behind or in the vicinity of my vehicle. Now, I would never consider myself to be an angry, easily stirred or agitated individual...but i have had some very negative, accusing, outraged and downright mean thoughts go through my head while driving down the I-15 through Salt Lake and Utah counties each day on my way to and from work.

I know that blogs are not merely a place where frustrated people go to vent, but it can also be a marketplace of ideas so to speak, where good ideas and insights can be shared. So on that note, here is the memo that it appears that every driver in Utah has missed:

"You're not the only person on the road!!!!"

On a lighter note: I'm breaking out the winter gear..... :-(


Shayla said...

I'm going to find you, drive by you, and be super annoying about it. Just so I can make your blog. :)

Susan Knight said...

Jersey drivers do not even make the same cut as Utah drivers. I have never seen more risk-taking, unsafe, wreckless and downright RUDE drivers anywhere! Inevitably it is always someone in a pickup truck who streaks past me with revved engine and pedal to the metal. Another worst case scenario involves mothers in mini-vans on cell phones.
The other day I saw a car racing towards me. I actually screamed because it was coming right for me. I know my foot left the pedal and my hands left the wheel as I covered my face and screamed.
The white pickup truck swerved to the left, right in front of another car, then passed the car in front of me and swerved to the right. I saw him swerving in and out of already too fast traffic up the road. Sheesh! Heart attack! When I move, I don't think I am taking I-15 to work. I'll go up State Street.

aldo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aldo said...

jaja ya me habia olvidado de tu blog ...pero es bueno que compartas tus ideas me hacen sonreir cuidate mucho un abrazo y que bien por tu novio =) cuando te casas ??

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