Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Ice Cream Workout

Yesterday my roommates and I were really excited to try this Hot Yoga class, where basically you do Yoga in a sauna. I have heard good things about this type of class and was looking forward to getting my trash kicked--since it's been a while... We heard about this place where you could go try the class once for free, and we were pumped to give it a whirl. As we pulled up to the facility, we noticed that it was conveniently placed right next to a Dairy Queen. We decided we would have to stop for a cool down after the class. Of course. What any woman would do, right? So as we were filling out our information sheets for what we thought was a free introductory class, they told us that we would indeed have to pay for the class--either $30 for 30 days unlimited, or $18 for the one time. Since none of us had ever tried this type of class before, we weren't about to lay down 30 bones in hopes that we'd actually like it and want to come back every day for the next month in order to make it worth it. We were bummed that our Hot Yoga experience did not come to be....But we still stopped at Dairy Queen afterwards. I mean....it was right there!
To be completely honest, I wasn't super bummed about missing the class because I was excited to attend FHE that night. Had the class actually happened, I wouldn't have been able to. It's nice when things work out like that.

On a lighter note, I could basically have a concession stand business out of my desk at work. I don't have any personal photos or knick knacks on my desk, but it is filled with crackers, candies, chocolate, fruit leathers and gum....What does that say about me? hmm........


Clestial said...

mm. candies.
oh, what did the rest of your post say?

hehe. Just kidding. I'm glad you came to FHE, too. It was a blast.

Shayla said...

I think it says you're hungry.

Rachel said...

that sounds like my kind of workout! i hope you find another yoga class that you CAN try for free. miss you back east!

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