Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sushi Time!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don't feel like doing anything. You'd just rather stay at home and chillax? Well, that's how I've felt this whole WEEK. Everyday, I would come home from work and just work on my Relief Society lesson and watch a movie... basically every day. Friday, I got invited to three really fun social events, but my heart was already set on watching a chick flick with one of my new found besties (a decision which I most definitely do NOT regret either, we had so much fun just talking and bawling over the movie).
However, by Saturday I was ready to go out and play! I got home from work and showered and got all readied...But.... I didn't have anything to do! My roommates were all out doing their own thing and so I ended up getting take-out sushi (again--which I must admit was inspired by the movie "2 Weeks Notice" where Sandra Bullock has the chinese restaurant's menu memorized and orders from it on a regular basis....I want to be like her.) and watched a documentary about the auditions for the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line (which was really interesting). The social event of the evening was going to the store with my roommate when she got home and cleaning/organizing the kitchen. Hopefully this week will be filled with socializing, so that I can get over the hermit rut I've been in this week.
However, all the preparation did pay off. I felt my R.S. lesson today went really well. OH, how I've missed teaching. I am one of those weird Mormons who prays that I get a teaching calling and cries when she gets released from them. In my opinion, a teaching calling is the best calling there is. My only complaint is that I only get to teach once every OTHER month. Sad Day.

On a lighter note: Now that I'm finally working and getting a steady source of income, I want to decorate my room. I have a ballet themed print that my friend made that I want to frame, but other than that, I got nothing....Any ideas??

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Shayla said...

I dont know about other ideas, but you simply MUST hang up the ballet print with a pink double-faced satin ribbon. How cute would that be?!

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